Discovering Bauhaus in Germany

Germany is so close to where I live (only a 20 minute car ride) but I haven’t seen the majority of it. Ever since I was young I wanted to visit sunny countries, more exotic places. Germany is so similar to the Netherlands that I kind of ignored it for most of my teen years. Until I visited Berlin. Absolutely love that city! The whole food scene is incredible, just as the coffee scene and the city has a relaxt vibe while still feeling metropolitan (at least compared to other German cities). Sometimes you visit places and you feel right at home, and for me Berlin shares to number one spot with Copenhagen.

But as I found out a few weeks ago: Germany has much more to offer. One of the unexpected highlights was a little place called Dessau. The Bauhaus school was situated here and there are several buildings and houses in the Bauhaus architecture. The Bauhaus school stimulated their students to explore their own creativity, use different materials and think about the social impact of their designs. Multifunctionality was an important aspect and the general hope was that a clean environment would stimulate people to live a more happy life.

A minimalist’s dream indeed.