Discovering the unknown

Ever since I had this crazy idea in my mind of visiting another country once a month, I feel much more energized! Discovering the unknown, getting a feeling of what it is like to live somewhere else. Probably the number one reason I like to revisit hotels and search for the perfect Airbnb apartments. This was our apartment when we visited Copenhagen two years ago. That view! Aah, could easily see myself living there!

But back to this year’s crazy cool! As some of you guys pointed out, I am indeed lucky to be living in Europe. Would’ve been a pricy goal otherwise. Honey, I’m flying to Japan this week. See you... But even though it only takes us 5 hours to go to Paris, 6 to visit Berlin and 15 minutes to cross the German border with our little car, it is turning out to be quite tricky. Especially because work needs to be done as well.

But we managed to plan something for this month as well: an unexpected skying trip. I’ve never been on a proper skying trip before, so we’re taking things slow and visiting Winterberg in Germany. Crossing our fingers that on a weekday the crowds will magically disappear. Ánd that I, somehow, will look like a snow goddes while wearing a borrowed mens jacket two sizes too big. Wishful thinking…