DIY | 15 February 2015

DIY: branche hanger

While browsing Pinterest (I’m an addict, you can follow me here), I stumbled upon a great picture by Sarah of Smitten Studio. Sarah made an eucalyptus hanger which functions as the perfect substitute for any mundane art-above-the-couch piece and the minute I saw it I wanted to replicate the exact thing. The only problem was that I needed a smaller size, so in the end I’ve tweaked it a little bit to match the size of the wall I had in mind for it. And I only used materials that I had still left, so the end result is a bit different than Sarah’s version.

Since I’m so in love with her version, I highly recommend to replicate Sarah’s version with three longer sticks if you have to space (I couldn’t find instructions on her blog unfortunately). But in case you have a similar problem and space isn’t your best friend (or, like me, most walls are already filled…), here’s how I did it:

1. Find two sticks in the length that fits your wall (mine are 45cm long).
2. Drill holes in the sticks on both sites.
3. Pull the rope through the holes, beginning on the bottom left corner and working your way up, ending in the bottom right corner.
4. Knot the end of the ropes so the bottom stick will stay in place.
5. Now get some extra rope, wrap it around the rope of the hanger and make several knots so the top stick stays in place.
6. Get some eucalyptus branches and attach them around the bottom stick with rope.

And you’re done!