DIY, MINIMAL INTERIOR | 25 December 2015

DIY: Christmas wreath

Even though my own DIY spirit is on a long term holiday, I still come across some beautiful DIY’s once in a while and had to share this one with you guys! It’s by Fleur McHarg for Country Road and such a perfect way to get your house Christmas ready. So if you have a couple of hours to spare on this first Christmas day, here are the instructions:

Text by Fleur
Step 1: gather
As you can see pictured here, I really love oversized wreaths. As long as you have a mass of pines, spruce, or fir tree foliage. You could collect most of the elements for the wreath from the back garden or a nearby park — I think it’s fine at Christmas time to mix all the different shades of green.

Step 2: create the base
You will need florist wire (available from florists and craft or sewing stores) — the most important step is to create a really solid base. To do this, I soak sticks and twigs in water so they become malleable.To make the base you create little bundles of twigs bound together with wire. Lay them down on a table and place in a wreath circle, then bind each bundle together. Build up the shape and strengthen with more sticks and more wire. I like a heavier shape at the bottom and for it to be slightly off centre – not too perfect or groomed.


Step 3: add greenery
Then it’s time to get really creative by adding foliage, weaving pieces through the twigs and then securing with wire. For our one pictured here we used spruce and fir, it will last if you place it up soon but will slowly drop over the coming weeks. Every now and then you could add some fresh sprigs in to freshen and brighten it up.

Step 4: decorate
Keep it simple with metallic decorations, I like just a few simple gold accents. And again, place these off centre or at different heights hanging from the wreath. Simplicity is everything when it comes to Christmas, you don’t need to go over the top. Pull everything back and keep it minimal so it feels really modern.

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