There was still so much concrete left from my first DIY with concrete, that I decided another concrete project was in order (I have to get rid of the concrete package someday… ;). The result is this concrete hand.

What did I do?
1. Pick a carton box that is large enough for this project and make an opening for the hand.
2. Take a rubber glove and tape it to the opening of the box.
3. Mix the concrete.
4. Fill the glove with the concrete.
5. Put a ball or round object inside the palm of the hand to make sure the hand doesn’t become ‘thick’ and round. You can attach one to the box at the right height.
6. Wait for three days.
7.Cut the glove carefully from the concrete hand when the concrete is dry enough.
8. Spray paint the hand if you like the effect it creates, otherwise you’re done :)