Last week all I could show you guys were the materials of this DIY: glass and rope. But luckily this week I can show you the end result! Planting hangers are the ultimate styling objects for those empty boring corners of your home, and especially these macrame versions – where you can easily hang all kind of vases and pots in and switch things up whenever you want – are the perfect accessories. It took some time to figure out how to make a minimalistic macrame planting hanger. In the end I managed by avoiding all knots and using tie-raps instead. I also cut of the fringes at the bottom. A stripped down macrame planting hanger is the end result!

How to make your own?
1. Buy 8 meter of 4mm nylon rope.
2. Cut the rope in 4 equal parts.
3. Fold the rope once and use a tie-rap to create the top loop.
4. Now 8 pieces of rope are hanging down.
5. Tie two pieces of rope together using tie-raps. Determine the place where you tie the ropes based on the pot you are going to use.
6. Do this again below the first row of knots, but make sure you tie one piece of the two ropes to a piece of another set of ropes.
7. Again: try to determine the design by hanging the half finished plant hanger and trying out the pot that you are going to use.
8. Tie al the knots together with a tie-rap and cut of the leftover pieces of rope (or let the ropes be).
9. If you are using nylon rope burn the ends a little to seal them off.

And that’s it! By the way: I found this tutorial very helpful!