DIY | 1 March 2015

DIY leather gift pouch

So did any of you guys know about National Employee Appreciation Day (yep, 6 march for the lucky few living in the US). I’m always entertained when I learn about yet another day where we celebrate complete random stuff. In Holland we celebrate Secretary Day for example, we all know World Animal Day and today it’s Namesake Day where we should explore the roots of our names. If you’re curious about more random days of celebration, this site is a gem! But even though it cracks me up we celebrate literally everything, it did gave me the idea to make a simple leather gift pouch. A small minimal detail to gift wrap in style.

So how to make your own?
1. Cut a circle out of (fake) leather.
2. Punch a range of holes every 5cm (about 0,5cm from the edge).
3. Thread cotton yarn through the holes .
4. The two ends of the yarn should now stick out of the same hole.
5. Use a tiny button and tie the yarn (the button makes sure the yarn isn’t pulled through to the hole)
6. Knot the ends of thicker rope around the thin yarn to create a handle.