DIY | 30 March 2015

DIY: marble easter eggs

It’s almost Easter!¬†Love this time of the year when temperatures rise and nature awakes. And the benefit of chocolate easter eggs isn’t too bad either. Already ate way too much chocolate eggs (for the Dutchies: Hema crispy eggs are pretty¬†capable of limiting your self-control).

But there are some healthy options involved as well: plain old normal eggs. If you want to decorate the table in style, this little trick could be the answer. It’s really easy and done within a minute. The blog Hello Natural shows clear instructions, but just to be sure an overview of the steps involved.

How to make your own:
1. Get a cup of room temperature water.
2. Poor white and dark grey nail polish in the water.
3. If it floats, you’re good to go. If it sinks, you’re water was too cold.
4. Get your gloves.
5. Dip an egg into the nail polish. Only one half of the egg will get covered with nail polish.
6. Let it dry on a piece of paper.
7. Do the other half as well.

And you’re done. Happy Easter!