I’ve bought this Ikea tray a few months ago and always intended to update it a little bit. I was doubting about white paint, but what I really wanted was to add some marble. After a while I cave in to my marble obsession… ;) Et voila: the end result!

1. Buy marble self adhesive foil (I bought mine at the hardware store Formido).
2. Draw the outline of the tray on the back of the foil with a pencil.
3. Measure how much smaller the inside of the tray is (this one was 6mm smaller).
4. Draw a smaller circle (6mm smaller in this case). I used a pencil to put a little dot each 7cm, 6mm on the inside. I connected the dots using the shape of the tray.
5. Cut the foil.
6. Attach the foil slowly to the tray, and use your fingers (swiping them up and down) to remove air.
7. And you’re done with your very own IKEA hack!