You can hardly call it a DIY: making your own wallpaper. I guess we all use our own pictures and change things up regularly. But for everyone still looking for that one minimal wallpaper, here is a marble one!

And if you want to make your own, here are the instructions for your very own parallax wallpaper:
1. Open the picture you would like as a background in a photo editing application that let’s you resize (Gimp (free) or Photoshop for example).
2. Open a new document with the following measurements (source):
iPhone 5 1040 x 1536 px, iPhone 4s 1040 x 1360, iPad 1936 x 2448, iPad mini 1168 x 1424.
3. Copy the image you choose and past it in the new document. Drag, crop and resize the image until you are satisfied with the result.
4. Save it, send it to your iPhone, install it as your wallpaper and you’re done!

A little bit more info about parallax to satisfy us nerds:
Parallax is that 3D effect that suggests there are multiple layers on your screen which is achieved by magnifying your image in order to give it space to move around. The above measurements are 200px larger than normal for an optimal parallax effect. If you haven’t seen this before: slightly move around the iPhone and you’ll see that the apps seem to be hovering above the wallpaper. There are some people who get a little bit nauseous by the parallax effect though. If you are one of them: you can easily turn it off. Choose a new picture for your wallpaper, when you see the preview screen turn the option ‘perspective zoom’ off and you’re good to go!