Rough and imperfect objects makes your interior come to life and much more unique than when you style everything. Okay, okay, I admit: these rough concrete blocks are – in a way – also stylized ;) But in my defense: I didn’t even perfect them by leaving the cardboard pieces that stuck to the concrete. The opening in the middle makes sure they can function as mini pots holding whatever green you want to put in there (I put some random weeds from the garden in the vases).

How do you make your own concrete mini pot?
1. Decide how big you want your block to be and draw the pattern on some cardboard (it should look something like this minus the bottom square).
2. Cut the pattern.
3. Make the cardboard more foldable by using a Stanley knife.
4. Fold the cardboard.
5. Tape the cardboard together, make sure you also tape all the edges to prevent leaking.
6. Follow the instructions on the package of the concrete mix.
7. Put the concrete in the box.
8. Roll a tube with self adhesive foil.
9. Stick the tube inside the concrete all the way to the bottom. The concrete will rise to half of the tube, meaning the upper part stays empty.
10. Let it dry for a few days, take of the cardboard, cut the foil that sticks out and put some green in it.