I wanted a minimal choker / necklace for a while now without spending too much. And -as always- I found my solution walking around in the hardware store. Total cost? ‚ā¨2,50. A pretty good deal, especially because it is made out of aluminum and thus doesn’t change color and is very light.

How to make your own?
1. Buy an aluminum tube (mine was 6mm wide and 1 meter long).
2. Wrap the complete tube around a round object the size of your neck. If you only have smaller objects, that will work as well. You can stretch the tube a little bit to make it fit.
3. You now have a tube that is probably wrapped around the object twice and way too big for your neck. This is necessary though. If you cut the necklace first and then try to wrap it around an object, the ends will not bend. So bend first and then cut.
4. Mark the desired length on the choker with a pencil (around 36cm long).
5. Cut the tube with a metal saw.
6. Make the ends smooth with a metal file and you’re done :)