Post cards, business cards and notes are spread all over my home. Whenever I get a new card it ends up somewhere in the living room, mostly resulting in a messy pile on my side tables. A month ago this idea got stuck in my head: some simple tubes and rope to make a minimal hanger for all your paper stuff. Cleans up those piles of paper and gives a nice touch to an otherwise empty corner.

How to make your own?
1. Get some white tubes of around 20cm. I painted copper tubes that I had left from a previous DIY and spray painted them white.
2. Cut of the rope in the desired length.
3. Pull the rope through the tube and pull both ends upwards as hard as you can.
4. Use a tie rap to connect the ends.
5. Now you have a little pieces of rope left, push this piece back into the tube.
6. Et voila, you’re done!