Maybe you remember this minimal mirror DIY? It was inspired by the Hank mirror of design company LlotLlov (they make such great designs!). Well, the way they incorporated the hook with the rope got stuck in my head and last weekend I decided to make the hook myself. I already had the mirror rope DIY and the hook DIY, so all I had to do was drill a hole. Easy as that!

Want to make one for yourself?
1. Buy a broomstick (I bought this one).
2. Saw the broomstick in pieces of 4 cm.
3. Use double sided screws to you attach the broomstick to the wall.
4. Now it’s time to paint them in any color you like. Hold the end of the screw so you can paint them easily, after you’re done: stick the dots with the screw into a carton box so they can dry.
5. Cut of the amount of rope you think matches best with your mirror (I used 2,5 meter rope).
6. Fold the rope double and wrap it around the mirror, creating a loop that secures the mirror.
7. Pull the ends of the rope through the hole in the hook.
8. Make a knot.
9. Cut off any excessive rope.
10. If you are using nylon rope burn the ends a little to seal them off.