At my office we have these little notebooks that unfortunately are not the prettiest out there (dull blue cover…). I took a few home with me for a DIY and now these minimal notebooks are happily spread across my desk. How to make your own?

1. Bend the ends of the spiral a little bit so you can remove the covers.
2. I made three different versions, the first one is the easiest: spray paint the covers black.
3. The second one was made by using self adhesive marble foil: wrap the foil around the covers and cut it.
4. And the third one was made out of postcards by cutting the postcards the shape of the original covers.
5. The last two covers don’t have holes yet. Put an original cover on your new covers and mark the holes.
6. I used a leather hole punch (the one you use for your belts) to punch the holes in the covers.
7. Put the spiral back, bend the ends in place and you’re done!