This DIY inspired by the Muuto dots was on the agenda for such a long time (I planned on finishing these dots 6 months ago…). So I’m super happy I finally finished it. They are such a great addition to the bedroom! And I like that you can switch things up and change the bedroom without much fuss.

Although I love the original Muuto dots, the hefty price tag was a downfall. So -as always- the hardware store came to the rescue. How to make your own?
1. Buy round wooden pieces in different sizes (I bought these as there were no better options in my hardware store, the back of these wheels is without groove).
2. Buy a broomstick (I bought this one).
3. Saw the broomstick in pieces of 4 cm.
4. Use double sided screws to attach the broomstick to the wheel (screw them into the bottom of the broomstick so the end of one side ends up into the dot). Make sure they are large enough and you have enough screw left to attach the dots to the wall. Or use a normal screw and cut the head off so you can mount it to the wall.
5. Because I bought wheels to use as the top of the dots, there was a hole in the middle. Fill this hole with wood filler.
6. Now it’s time to paint them in any color you like. I -of course- used black and grey. What else is new ;) Hold the end of the screw so you can paint them easily, after you’re done: stick the dots with the screw into a carton box so they can dry.