DIY | 22 February 2015

DIY origami card holder

I love the simple philosophy of origami: a piece of paper, a few minutes of folding and you have yourself a little piece of art. But since I’m not an origami master mind, I have pretty much ignored it most of my life (except that folding fase when I was 4). Until today that is. This morning I started experimenting and looking at some examples of Origami pros. In the end I settled on a simple card holder and spend quite some time making the template. But it’s done and I love how simple and minimal it is!

Perfect for wrapping and adding a personal touch to a gift, either by putting a sweet little note inside or a gift card. I’m planning to use it for the latter; for those occasions you really have no clue what to gift someone (finding the perfect present is like solving a complicated equation right). So whenever you see me with an origami card holder, you know I have been spending way too many hours clueless and rather frustratingly thinking about gift options… ;)

How to make your own?
1. Print the template
2. Cut out the template, use a Stanley knife for the small piece in the middle.
3. Fold the template, the pictures on the left illustrate how.
4. When you’re done folding, carefully put the little piece that is now sticking out through the hole in the bottom.
5. And you’re done!

A little tip: paper with a different color on one side gives that little extra detail to make the folding pop.