Valentines day is just a few weeks away, a day I tend to skip. All the red, pink, little hearts and bears are just too painful for my eyes (what’s up with all the bad valentine design anyway?). And having dinner with my boyfriend suddenly feels like a cliche on February the 14th. But I do like this whole idea of celebrating love, however big or small. Giving each other cute little notes, enjoying each others company and forget all about time. Pretty perfect!

To make Valentines day – or any other day in the year – a little more special, I came up with this idea to give a paper fortune teller instead of a card. You can download a white fortune teller template and a black fortune teller template, print it (on marble paper for example), fold it and write different messages under each number for the love of your life (or your friend, mother, father, sister, brother, whoever really). And because of the simple minimal design you can use it for any occasion you can think of and feel like a kid all over again (I used to make these things a lot!). I’m starting to feel nostalgic… ;)