Sock dolls: how nostalgic! The somewhat clumsy look of the animal and the grandma vibes makes it all the more special. Yes, even when it comes from a ready made DIY kit that you can buy in any Tiger store. Not that it won’t cost you any time… I’ve spend 1 hour making the damn doll, but when I was done I felt like a little child that wanted to show her new fabricated doll to her mom (hi mom!!). This time really self made I might add, instead of slightly altered (I was a star at giving my sisters dolls haircuts…).

How to make your own? It’s really simple if you follow the instructions that come with the box. I slightly changed mine by making it a little bit more minimal (no mane and less buttons) and attaching the head in a different way to the body but if you have a pair of socks, buttons, some needle and thread you are ready to go!