As most of you probably know by now (maybe I even mentioned it a little too often ;), I like to visit secondhand stores on a regular basis. There’s just something about scoring great deals such as the marble tea-light holders (€0,75!). Last week I bought these wooden serving bowls for €1,- each. They are made out of teak and have a minimal but natural shape.  The color of the wood was a little too dark and warm for my taste so I decided to paint them dark grey, giving them a second life.

To achieve this dark grey color I mixed white paint (I always have some lying around to fix chipped wooden doors or baseboards) with something called black tinting paste (brand: Mixol). It’s really convenient and only €3,- (I bought it at the Dutch hardware store Praxis). By adding just a few drops you get a light grey color and you can add more and more to achieve a dark tone. Perfect if you want to paint small objects and don’t want to buy a new can of paint!