I love minimal wrapping paper, but giving people presents in plain white paper never feels quite right. Foremost because not everybody is into minimal (yep, don’t understand that one bit indeed). Okay okay, I can imagine that it’s perfectly possible that they will start wondering if we were too lazy buying some decent wrapping paper (uhm yes, but that’s not the point).  The point is: it’s super simple to turn white paper into something less officious by painting it yourself. I added tiny paint splashes all over the paper to create wrapping paper that is still minimal but is not boring or too plain. Win win!

How to make some of this paint splattered wrapping paper?
1. Buy big sheets of white paper (I used 160gr. sheets of 70cm X 100cm, €0,80 per sheet).
2. Dip a stippling brush into some black paint.
3. Stroke your fingers against the brush to create the splatters.
4. Variate in distance creating thicker and smaller splatters.