8 years ago I was addicted to earrings. The bigger the better (how my earlobes survived is a mystery to me…).But one day I decided to stop wearing earrings. I had enough and from that day on I neglected all my big and beautiful earrings.  Small earrings started to get my attention however; over the last year I liked them more and more. But I never came around to buy them. Somehow earrings didn’t feel ‘me’ anymore.

How stupid is that? There are thousands and thousands of earrings that I can choose from, but none of them fitted my identity. However vague ones identity can be, we evidently know to the detail what fits and what not. How can I not know if I’m more of a researcher or concept developer, but I do know if I’m an earrings kind of person? Sometimes life is one big questionmark and sometimes it’s cristal clear. Finding these earrings, my identity adjusted itself and I just bought them. It’s a C form my last name and my boyfriends last name (bought at Stilleben in Copenhagen and made by Lone Kejser).