Editorial: a spring breeze

This editorial feels just like a fresh Spring breeze: light colors, thin layers of soft fabric and a slow easy smile. I’m a fan of how Tobias Lundqvist photographed the clothing in this setting. And it makes me hope that when we head back to the Netherlands the weather will be at its best: sun, sun and sun.

A part of me wants to stay right where I’m now: Los Angeles with it’s perfect weather, great restaurants (and overpriced everything, that I could miss…) and relaxed atmosphere. But another part of me can’t wait to go back, see my family, sleep in my own bed and finally have my whole closet. Living out of a suitcase does gets annoying after a week or two.

Now why can’t we teleport from one place to another…?

Source: Plaza magazine
Photographer: Tobias Lundkvist
Styling: Robert J Nordberg
Model: Carolin Loosen