Utterly in love with all the pieces in this (once again) minimal editorial. Somehow the fact that the clothing is shown in an androgynous way makes it more interesting. During Amsterdam Fashion week Franzel made a similar statement by letting his male models dress the female models in their clothes. Sometimes I wonder if and when the borders between genders will collapse. Androgynous and transgender models are more accepted than ten years ago for example, and less and less creatives seem to care about gender when shooting editorials.  If you can take a great picture, you can take a great picture. Life simplified.

Not that life really is that simple. The documentary ‘Valentijn’ about the eight year old Valentijn de Hingh always stuck with me. She was followed for nine years and grew up from a young boy into a well known female model. People who can find themselves in the chaos of this world and in the chaos of their ever changing bodies have my respect. Watch this TED talk of Valentijn if you want to know her story, I recommend it!

Source: U+ Mag
Photographer: Jorge Perez Ortiz
Styling: Viola Galassi