INSPIRATION | 1 December 2015

This month’s theme: Looking back

So… it’s December! How did that happen? Another year gone in the blink of an eye. If life continuous to evolve in this pace I will be 80 in a few weeks (wonder how that will look). But let’s stick to 2016 for now (no point in envisioning oneself wrinkled right? It’ll happen soon enough…).

The last month of a year always gets to me, my carefully maintained rational mind somehow turns into a sentimental mess when the holidays are approaching. Being with family will do that to you. Is my life going the right direction? Am I living it to the fullest? And why the hell am I still struggling with the same old problems? Yep, these super important questions will circle endlessly through your mind, won’t they? Thinking back to the year that was and looking froward to a fresh new year, new dreams and new goals.

So it got me thinking: why not dedicate this month to looking back & looking forward. Instead of me being sentimental by myself, we’ll use this month to dig up those shameful memories (and fashion statements) and make plans for an even better and brighter year.

P.S. We’re slowly changing the design of our site, and first up is the homepage. Let me know if anything is missing!
P.P.S. To stay in the theme of looking back this was one of my fav looks from 2015: all white, what else.