Enjoying the small moments of daily life

Ever since making happiness my number one goal, a lot of small and big things changed in my life. It felt strange to declare that happiness was my goal, almost as if I wasn’t happy before. Which I was! But sometimes I wasn’t prioritizing right. Unimportant things became important and vice versa. Security and money guided my choices way more than they should have. I’m not saying I’m the Dali Lama – far from, my state of enlightenment isn’t anywhere near – but I feel like I’m one step closer to what life should be about.

One of the big things that changed is that I’m traveling once a month since January. And even though I would’ve expected it to have a profound effect on my life, it’s the small things that ended up mattering most. I had one of those days yesterday for example where everything went wrong, but instead of letting it be an off-day I searched for something that would make it a bit less bleek. I ended up enrolling in a Coursera course by MoMA. Ordered the books they suggested and watched a view previews. Can’t wait to start the course! Et voila: instant happiness and inspiration.

Figuring out how to spend your money is key here. I’m spending way less money on clothing for example (even left the perfect Marni bag with a 50% discount, don’t recognize myself anymore) and when I buy new items I pay close attention if they add anything to what’s already there. And I just have to give a shout-out to lifestyle concept store Ingredients LDN: which is – as far as I know – the only store with a clear goal of happiness. Sometimes you meet people and brands that share the exact same values, and owner Nina (who also studied psychology, funny how most people end up working in unexpected fields) is definitely one of them. Instead of pure commercialism, she tries to translate wellbeing into tangible everyday experiences. Can we have more stores like this?

Enjoy the small moments in life. They do add up!

P.S. I’m happy to say Ingredients LDN is giving us a discount! A store wide 10% discount with ‘smallmoments16‘  valid until June 16th.

The black chopping board is my new favorite item to serve food on and love LOVE books! A frame for life is highly recommended (it shows architecture and interior design from a human interactive perspective)!