Let’s talk blankets! One of the most important things for the living room (the couch being the obvious number one of course). How could we survive movie nights if there was not a blanket to snuggle under? The whole idea of watching a movie (or being addicted to series, homeland addict at the moment…) is to relax and not think about all the deadlines. And a blanket is the one thing that makes me instantly relaxed.

But somehow I never really spend any time looking for a decent blanket, I bought cheap ones from Ikea and that was it. This Winter however my mind was set on finally finding the perfect blanket. The first requirement? It had to have at least some wool in it. And besides wool, I was also looking for an off-white color and a decent price. And I finally found one at Zara Home. Who would’ve thought that! Zara Home is not really my style, and most of the time I don’t even enter the store or browse their website. But the selection of blankets is a whole nother story. Especially during sale time the prices are pretty attractive. I scored this blanket for €50,- and we’re inseparable ever since. It even functioned as a scarf while visiting Fondation Louis Vuitton and shopping in Saint-Germain (see a glimpse of it in yesterdays post).

Next sale period I’m definitely keeping an eye on this super fluffy blanket (also in camel and grey). H&M is also offering some beautiful knitted options by the way, such as this dark grey one. Now where’s that popcorn?!