MINIMAL INTERIOR | 2 December 2015

5 favorite interior designers of 2015

Looking back is something we don’t really do that much, isn’t it? We’re always busy planning, making new goals and worrying about future problems. But whenever we get a glimpse of a new year, we can’t help but thinking back about everything we’ve seen and done. So we’ve dug deep into our archives (aka random notes and Pinterest boards) and selected 5 young designers that caught our eye in 2015.  Designers who keep things simple but make us curious about the future. Take a look and see who’s your favorite!

1. Kimu Lab

From Chinese origin and masters in giving the owner of the products a prime rol; Kimu Lab’s designs can be styled in several ways. The lanterns can be bend and the metal frame can be removed from the vase. We love this playful approach to design!

2. MEJD Studio

MEIJD studio, founded in Bratislava by Stefan and Katharina, knows how to create designs that are timeless, chic and minimal while maintaining an edge. We absolutely love the mirror!

3. Mae Engelgeer

Dutch textile designer Mae is someone who tests the limits, not only of the materials she’s working with, but only what she’s capable of herself. Beautiful patterns, soft fabrics and a minimal style merges everything together. Yep, we’re a fan!

4. Ek Design

Do we have to say anything except “look at those mirrors!”? Incredibly chic! They do design more, such as lamps and tables, but when we found ourselves staring at these mirrors for more than 15 minutes we knew enough.

5. Design for Industry

Founder Daisuke Kitagawa from Japan also has a knack for combining playful elements, with a useful and minimal design. The vases for example exist of wooden tops that can be placed on regular glasses. Clever thinking!