MINIMAL INTERIOR | 19 February 2015

Francois Champsaur Apartment

François Champsaur is a Paris based interior designer and architect: a lethal combination as evident in these pictures. The owners of this apartment gave him the assignment to make it unrecognizable. A challenge because the building was a historical part of the Parisian neighborhood near the eiffel tower. And while it had been in the possession of the owners for over 40 years, it had not seen a renovation. But by stripping down most of the walls François created an open space, still maintaining the classical characteristics. The rooms are separated by a creative use of  room dividers that are an art piece on itself and the marble and brass accents give it a luxurious feeling.

I’m most impressed by all the details such as the fire place and marble kitchen wall. And lets not forget the bathroom: never seen such a minimal ánd detailed ceiling. Combined with the marble and wood oak, it’s the eye catcher of this apartment. You can easily see François is an architect as well as a designer: the way he rebuild the apartment is outstanding.

“To me, design is the meeting point between thought and matter; thorough and personal thinking implemented with a certain know-how. We’ve been losing sight of that. Thinking has been globalized and know-how is disappearing. We must stop this trend. One should be able to recognize the human touch in anything, find back the whim of creation, and move away from marketing studies.”

We can’t wait to see what François has in store for us in 2015!

Source: DPages