MINIMAL FASHION | 17 December 2015

Fringed edges & imperfections

Fringed edges: an imperfect detail, something that adds a little je ne sais quoi. We’re suckers for imperfections. Freckles, quirky personalities, bad dancers who are giving it their all; it’s not strange that John Legend’s ‘Love your perfect imperfections’ lyrics were so popular. It gives room to breathe in the otherwise so perfect world. But still: not all imperfections are excepted. When I think back to this past year, a lot of my focus has been targeted at becoming a more perfect version of myself. Perfecting my appearance, but mostly perfecting my personality.

I can be a little off sometimes. Lost in my own thoughts (my head is so interesting you know ;) and not really loving to be the center of attention creates some awkward moments where I start looking for a way to escape. Which makes it really – really! – strange that this last year I gave a crazy amount of workshops and presentations. I even flew to Milan to give a presentation about behavioral change which was the personification of my nightmare: speaking in English (I loose all my confidence when I have to speak in English, hate it!), not knowing anybody and speaking in front of government officials in suits. Scary! So, so proud I did it! But also: so, so exhausted of always working to be better, smarter, kinder, etc.

And I’m guessing I’m not the only one here. Especially the women I know are pushing their limits. So it’s about time for a change. Let’s make one resolution together: are you with me on spending more time on the things we’re already good at and enjoy? Yes? Let’s be imperfect. Not freckle-cute-imperfect, but I-hate-small-talk-so-what-imperfect!


I’m wearing:
Monique van Heist jacket | H&M top
Levi’s jeans | Isabel Marant heels 
Huawei digital watch