MINIMAL FASHION | 25 November 2015

Stuffing extra layers in my Loxley backpack

Somehow I got the memo of freezing temperatures a bit too late. I was happily living in my cocoon of fall temperatures, orange leafs and sun rays beaming through the trees. I have no idea when it all went downhill, maybe my mind had extraordinary bending-reality-powers. Maybe not… Ah well, I’m now officially living in this cardigan and I’m never ever leaving this Loxley backpack (isn’t it a beauty!). I think I will be able to survive winter time just fine. As long as I put those ballerina’s in the back of my closet, only wear shoes with extra room for granny woolen socks and stuff an extra pair of gloves (double layering is my trip to prevent numb fingers) and scarfs in the backpack.

Because I’m not pleased with living in a country were the months December, January and February are not meant to go outside – at all – I’ve been looking for a get out of jail card. Yep, as much as I hate resort like vacations, I was actually considering it. But somehow I must have really gone mental as I’m thinking about paying a visit to Leipzig. Warm and sunny Germany indeed… Have any of you guys been there? Do you recommend it? Curious to hear your view!

I’m wearing:
COS cardigan | Costes top
Levi’s jeans | COS ballerinas 
Loxley backpack | Effra jewelry