Garden renovations part 1: wish list

This year we finally FINALLY tackled something which we’ve bene postponing for years: renovating our outdoor area. First we had to get past the money draining house itself and after we finally got to see some satisfying bank accounts we’re now waving goodbye to it again and hello to a new and improved view. Ah well, the things we do. But the best part of renovating is finally here: buying de decorations.

I absolutely love to slowly get an idea of what it is I want for a new space and then find the best and cheapest possible way to fix it. I can literally spend hours browsing the web, which indeed is a complete waste of time. Goodbye productive evening…

But I did manage to make an extensive wish list (click on the items to see the brand and shop). So far my wish list mainly consists of forget-about-it items (seriously, everything suitable for the outdoors is times 10 in price. What’s up with those outdoor brands…). Although I do like to splurge on some items, I can’t afford to buy a complete design set (and besides I’d be too afraid that someone would steel it, I have two design chairs in the garden now and every morning I’m checking if they’re still there).

Next month I’ll post some images of our garden thus far, but for now I’m sharing my wish list. If you happen to know any amazing outdoor brands, do share! It turns out it’s pretty hard to find stuff that is not too much of an ‘outdoor cliche’, but since I’ve been waisting away days and days on the net I was able to find some things that I liked (okay, a lot).