MINIMAL INTERIOR | 21 April 2015

Garden update part I: inspiration

We’re completely renovating our garden and these coming four weeks I will post weekly garden related posts, beginning with inspiration pictures and ending with garden furniture tips.  And this garden theme is not only making an appearance on MyDubio because it’s spring, but also because it’s very necessary…

We bought our home four years ago, but the garden is still an utterly neglected state. When the gardener came over I almost felt ashamed to give him a mini tour. But he’s up for the challenge so when we come back from our one month California trip, we’ll be digging right into garden renovation stuff.

The gardens (and okay, one art exhibition) all appeal to me cause the color tones are just right: light grey, olive green and washed-out wood. I’m not sure if we’ll accomplish the same tones, but it’s defiantly top of mind when we’ll be starting. Concrete tiles are a definite yes for our terras (or even better: no tiles, just concrete flooring but not sure if that’s durable), but we’re still figuring out what to do with just about anything else.

But even though it’s one hell of a job – and very costly, don’t want to think about the budget at the moment :S -I almost can’t wait till we’re back from our trip and get started. Almost… ;)