Garden renovations | Concrete terrace

Hello pretty corner! I was so relieved when this was finally done! We had some bad luck with this concrete floor and ended up having to remove the complete floor after attempt number one. Combined with temperatures that suddenly dropped, we really were in for a surprise… Apparently you can only poor concrete when the temperatures are high enough, so we ended up with a sandbox right before our door for several months. Ah well, we quickly forgot all about it after it was finally done! Absolutely in love with the result! My very own concrete corner.

I also fully grabbed the opportunity to see the outdoors as an extension of our home, so might have gone a bit too far with decorations. Even thinking about fixing a carpet. But hey: why not treat the outdoors as another room. We have movie nights here, and drag our beddings and blankets outdoors. It’s pretty much our living room for 5 months a year. So in collaboration with Flinders we took it on us to make it as good-looking as possible. By combining cheaper items with designer items (all the fashion rules apply to interior design as well of course).

So what are you looking at? I finally had some space for the Menu WM String chairs which were on my wish list for quite some time. The Harry Bertoia chairs were filling up the living room, so I had to wait until the outdoor areas were fixed. As soon as this concrete corner was done, I added the chairs. Absolutely in love with how they look surrounded with all the concrete! And since our budget doesn’t allow us to buy design only, we made our own table from oak planks and Ikea Sinnerlig legs. It’s all about balance; finding those designer pieces that you love and combining it with more affordable basic pieces.

We’re still not done but I hope I can show you more of the rest of the garden soon!

P.S. Check out the outdoor collection of Flinders if you’re looking for some eye-catching pieces as well!