GOALS | 18 March 2016

Getting inspired by random people

Somehow I didn’t get the whole vlogging hype. I found most vlogs way too long and boring and skipped through them, wondering what the hell people liked about vlogs. And then I discovered Casey Neistat. Yes, I’m a bit late I know. The guy has been on YouTube since 2010 (I had to check Wikipedia for that fact) and has been vlogging daily for over a year now. It’s like discovering your new favorite series, finding out it’s been running for 7 seasons and binge watching episode after episode for the complete night. Which is pretty much what I’ve been doing. Every coffee and lunch break and boring train ride consisted of me eating absentmindedly and watching Casey’s vlog. And I love it! When I was a kid I spied on people with binoculars, so this is right up my alley.

It even made me think about vlogging myself, even though I’m literally the worst person to be vlogging (the worst!). I know my strengths and being in front of a camera is definitely not one of them. It would be the most boring vlog you’ve ever seen. But how great is it that someone can make you enthusiastic about something you absolutely hate! Especially when they are completely unexpected and random. And Casey Neistat is the most random person that inspired me lately; the complete oppositie of me. But no matter what, passionate people will make you want to turn your life around don’t they (or make you want to buy the newest drone…)? Even though passion is a strange and abstract concept, it always results in something very concrete and tangible. Feeling passionate about something makes me want to create things. Stop thinking and start doing!

Vlogging will definitely not be it for me, but the whole idea of experimenting with moving images instead of a normal landscape pictures led to new ideas. Cheers to unexpected inspirators!

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