MINIMAL FASHION | 18 February 2015

Gold Rush: on wearing gold jewelry

Since I was little I always loved wearing silver jewelry and skipped anything golden. Gold belonged to older women with an olive skin and brown hair, not to a little blond girl. But since I’m now officially a grown up, there’s no denying it, gold seems ever more attractive. Hence the entrance of some gold jewelry these last few months and with the addition of my new watch, the set is now complete.

Summer sun
And since gold is so closely related to the sun (or is that just me?), I had to photograph it with a lot of sunlight. Which finally decided to pay a visit to the Netherlands. After what seemed like an endless winter of grey skies, we’ve been lucky enough with 4 days of blue skies (yeah, it’s not much for those sun-abiding people. I know…). I can almost feel Spring and it’s a torture knowing we have to wait for quite some time till we can be outside without freezing to the bone.

I guess I will need my gold jewelry now more than ever…


Larsson & Jennings watch | LoveLauren knot bracelet
Amarilo ring
Dutch Basics long earring | THPSHP pearl earring | Amarilo staple earring