MINIMAL INTERIOR | 10 March 2015

A grey floor update

I bought 8 cans of grey paint. which means I’m on a grey crusade. The floors of one room are done, I painted three stools while I was at it, and intend to paint the entire first floor grey. Leon is starting to get worried…

Where I once was spray painting everything black, I’m now in the much more time consuming business of actually painting instead of spraying. I’ve spend way too many hours fixing these floors (they are the original floors from the ’30s and not in a good state whatsoever), but it was all worth it. I’m really happy with the end result!

A grey floor means more options, color wise and decoration wise. The rooms looks much cleaner, so… I can put more stuff in it (my mind doesn’t always agree with my love for anything minimalistic). And I can play a bit more with color by adding warmer tones (which I still have to try out, as you can see from the rather colorless pictures). I will never be the person to add any real color to a room, but some gold and warm green/beige tones are on the wish list!