MINIMAL INTERIOR | 21 September 2015

Helsinki design for your home office

What characterizes Finish design – for me – is the connection with nature. From the materials they use, to the designs they make: it’s simple, pure and of high quality. If the travel agency would’ve allowed it, I would’ve brought a shitload of stuff with me (I mean: an Artek vintage store was located right across the hotel…!). But since that was not going to happen, I decided to pay some extra attention to stationary and office supplies. Notebooks, cards, wrapping paper: everything to update my little home office. So I did some research and wanted to share my fav shops and designers from Helsinki with you guys.

Fav shops:
1. Papershop
Cute store in the Design District of Helsinki. From original wrapping paper to cards and notebooks.
2. Pino
Also located in the design strict, but this store covers some ground. Not gigantic, but a lot more stuff to look at and a large selection of notebooks.
3. Lokal
A concept store for Finish art, design and craft. You’ve got until the 4th of October to visit their exhibition TypoCraft Helsinki 2015. Typography-related workshops and events will also be organised during the exhibition; what’s not to like!
4. Granit
Well known throughout Scandinavia: lots of knickknacks for you home. Plus their erasers actually work (event the ones on the pencils).
5. Sala Kauppa
This is the odd one out: it’s a design shop filled with cool and unique designs. Their Russian doll collections are utterly cool and on my wish list! Definitely want this sea ‘Russian doll’ set for my home office.

And in case you’re not visiting Helsinki anytime soon as well, some of my favorite designers who are selling online:
Teemu Jarvi
I’m not sure if it’s for sale but I loved his primitive print collection where ink is applied directly to a fish or plant and pressed on a sheet of paper (such as the mushroom print below).
Linda Linko
She makes abstract and often colorful prints. Her collaboration with Dutch print magazine Frame is for sale in their online store.
Sasha Kretova
Love the linnen notebooks, and the 2016 planner looks very promising!