This just had to happen of course, seeing my love for Miffy is still going strong. When I was a child I loved the drawings and stories, but when I grew older I really started to appreciate the simple design. Drawing a little character with so much personality in such a minimal way is something that is much more difficult then you would initially guess.

So this little post celebrates the design by Dick Bruna and what better way do to it than to share with you 5 facts and quotes that stuck with me the most (source Telegraph):
1. Dick Bruna is very picky about the colors that he uses and can sometimes search endlessly for the right shade. Perfectionist much?
2. “Each time I draw Miffy, I feel nervous”
3. His wife always checks his final drawings, if she doesn’t like a specific drawing he puts it away. “A month or so later, I’ll look at it again, and I always think ‘Yes, she is right.'”
4. He never uses a computer, instead he draws the lines by hand which can sometimes take up several hours. He calls it “a line with a heartbeat” and nobody would disagree with him on that!
5. “When I am finished (as in deceased), the drawings are finished,” he says firmly. “Miffy is a part of me.”