MINIMAL INTERIOR | 13 April 2015

Home Gardening

This year I grew my own seedlings for the first time. Just like every Dutch person shopping at AH I guess. The well known Dutch supermarket gave free seeds, complete with earth and container, to kickstart healthy eating. And I loved it!

It was anything but cool the way I collected the seeds, making sure I had a nice collection of herbs and vegetables. But I didn’t care: I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to these things… Did you guys also went crazy with planting seeds? Do tell!

A few tips on home gardening:
-Don’t overwater, regular watering is better than one big splash of water.
-Seedlings grow faster when the temperature is comfortable.
-The roots grow just as fast as the plant. Make sure to transplant the seedlings before the roots hit the bottom of the container.
-To harden-off seedlings, leave the plants in their containers and put them in a shaded area with some indirect light for a few days.