A week ago my boyfriend and I decided to try out this new restaurant in Nijmegen: De Meesterproef. Located at an old reopened factory, the entrance is spectacular. A deserted site with old buildings on your left and right and lights guiding you to the back of a factory building. Once you go up the industrial stairs, you enter a big space: tables everywhere, two big silos (they are now writing the wine menu on it) and all the original details still in place (even the signs with instructions for the workmen). They paid attention to every nook and corner (the smoke area makes you want to start smoking) and if you happen to be cold (like I was am…), they make sure you will be comfortable by pointing a big heater at you.

So after enjoying a great meal made from fresh local products, I came back the next week to take some pictures. The girl working there said Thursday around noon would be relatively quite and a good timing but more and more people popped in, making it a popular lunch spot  as well. So if you happen to be in the neighborhood make sure to stop by!

De Meesterproef: Waalbandijk 20, 6541 AJ Nijmegen.
Open: Thursday till Sunday 12.00-00.00