How art can influence the atmosphere of a room

Art can have such a big influence when styled right. In these rooms you clearly can see the difference between the more playful kids bedrooms and the more serious living room and bedroom, where -instead of posters- the owners choose for minimal paintings and photographs. Love how they give the space some depth; it somehow feels less shallow.

Unfortunately I’ve no clue about art whatsoever. I did do an exam in art history in high school, but since that was a long long time ago (around 14 years ago, can you belief it!!) I hardly remember anything. Last year I paid more attention to the subject again, but the more you learn, the more you’re aware you actually know very little (being blissfully unaware is better no?). So if you guys have any tips, fav artists: do leave a comment, or even better: join me on Instagram!

Source: Fantastic Frank