MINIMAL FASHION | 24 July 2015

How I definitely don’t look when going to the beach

I’m pretty sure nobody looks like this when going to the beach, definitely not me, but oh boy: I’d love to look this put together when nonchalantly letting my hair dry after a dip in the sea. Only wearing black and white and only visiting the most perfect places of course! And than I will throw on that white cover-up in the image above and spend my evening strolling down the coast.

Yep, not going to happen in a million years. But… I do own a white blouse dress and tan sandals. Mmm…

Maybe I can give it a try the next time I happen to be nonchalantly hanging on some rocks. No?

Life’s better at the beach

Source: The Edit
Photographer: Alique
Styling: Morgan Pilcher
Model: Mariacarla Boscono