MINIMAL FASHION | 7 November 2015

How to score the perfect jeans?

At the moment we’re addicted to high waisted jeans. Cut-of above the ankle with a slight unflattering fit, but cool end result. But where to find the perfect fit? We’re sharing our tips & tricks to find the perfect jeans for any budget, starting with shopping secondhand: the gold pot when it comes to finding the perfect vintage Levi’s 501.

Shoppingtips for vintage Levi’s:
1. Levi’s 501 have the perfect fit and you can find them in a range of color tones, but finding one that suits your body well can be a challenge. So prepare yourself for endless fitting sessions as you probably have to try several jeans before you find one that fits you well.
2. Size up. We first picked out some Levi’s 501 in our regular size, but it soon turned out to be rather uncomfortable (those buttons…) and it was not quite the look we were going for. But when you size up, you can hit the sweet spot.
3. Cut of the trouser legs to create that perfect nonchalant look you’re going after (or fold them when you don’t when to involve scissors).

Wondering where to find them? They’re everywhere, from well-known stores like Episode to yard sales. I scored mine for €15,- on a kilo sale in Maastricht (everything is weighted and you buy more when it weighs more). Close to Episode in Amsterdam is Mick Keus, who remakes jeans for €120,- en shop Re/Done offers a nice online selection of remade Levi’s. 

Not into secondhand stuff? We’ve collected some favorites, from Acne to Zara, to solve your jeans problem: 
1. Acne Boy (€230)
High on our wish list is the Acne Boy in this vintage wash. Size down and it will be a bit more high waisted. Perfection!
2. Levis’ 501 CT (€110, but in sale @Zalando))
But for all of you who also think €230,- for a jeans is a bit too much, Levi’s offers the solution. Still way more expensive then the vintage ones, but you can conveniently try several washes in all sizes. We love this slightly darker wash.
3. Levi’s 501 (€110)
Looking for a light wash? These Levi’s are what you’re looking for.
4. Zara vintage (€40)
If you’re on a budget, Zara – again – is your hero in shiny armer. They offer this nice vintage wash and even took care of frayed, cut off trouser legs.