MINIMAL INTERIOR | 28 November 2015

Hyper reality by Filip Dujardin

“When you combine something in an illogical manner, you transform something that is seen as banal into something extraordinary.”

We only became aware of the extraordinary work by Filip Dujardin yesterday when we saw one of his pictures popping up on our Instagram stream. Filip studied art history and architecture at Ghent University and photography at the city’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Since then he has been composing hyper realistic buildings by combining fragments from his personal library. LEGO maquettes are build, pictures merged, textures added and details removed. He sometimes even builds structures in real life. He once build a 10 meter high structure of roofs, which he photographed from different angles and merged with real life imagery. “Adding shadows, that’s the main trick,” Filip told Elle Decor. “The building becomes real if the shadows are well done.”