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GOALS, HAPPINESS | 11 April 2016

S01E02 | If it’s not for you, it’s not for you

I came to realize that if something is not for you, you can try to be whatever it takes to fit in but you just won’t. Knowing what makes you happy is key. Ten years ago there was this story in the newspapers about a seventeen year old boy who happened to have the highest grades of all high school kids. And all he wanted to be was a bus driver. A bus driver! Amazing. He had to wait until he was 21 to actually be able to drive a bus legally, so he went on to study physics. Or as he put it: “I have to do something in the meantime”. He now is 27 and I just did a huge Google search on him (sorry for stalking), but only found someone that looked like him in a jacket of the local bus company. Was it him?? I’m dying to know!

But before you’re wondering where this story is going, bare with me as I have a point to make. That seventeen year boy embodies the whole notion that it doesn’t matter how good you are at something, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Which sounds logical, but is easy to forget along the way. At least for me. Here’s this kid knowing he can get into the best universities and seeing it as leisure time until he gets to do what he really wants. And here’s me who’s too afraid to make a decision.

We discussed it last weak: we (I’m assuming you’re with me on this one) want it all. Career wise we want to have an interesting job, we also want to spend time with friends, travel to cool destinations and educate ourselves. While – and this is important -staying relaxed. It’s all about staying relaxed. We want to be happy zen while trying to be good at everything. Mission impossible…

If there is a magic trick to make it all work, I’d love to know but I’m afraid it all comes down to making decisions. When you make a decision and prioritize the things in life, it’s easier to take control again and relax a bit. Making the decision to skip all fashion weeks and most of the PR related events, made all the difference. It’s just not my world and I’ll never feel at ease. This decision not only gave time and room to discover new things in life, it also felt very empowering!

But I have to be honest, if there’s one thing in life I’m bad at it’s making decisions. There are so many options, things I could do. But the big question always is: will I recognize the right path if it smacks me in the face or will I be too busy searching for it. When do you let go and when do you take control? More next week!

In the meantime: yeah to saying no!

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