Interior wish list

We online shopping addicts always have a never ending wish list don’t we? Either in the back of our minds, neatly organised on our computers or by using the wish list function of the shops themselves. It doesn’t really matter how, as long as it’s functional and clears away the chaos our hunger for more creates.

Although I’ve been thinking about my spending behaviour more and more lately (we actually need so little to make it through the day, it’s almost scary to realise how much we have), I still love online shopping too much. It’s a way to relax, wind down and think about nothing else than my dream interior or wardrobe.

So in honour of my restless shopping persona, I have created a user friendly wish list section on MyDubio. Just some items that have caught my attention and think are worth remembering. Definitely take a look if your mind is just as restless. Happy shopping… ;)