I loved making these business card holders! I was searching for a nice holder for quite some time but finding good quality for a reasonable price was difficult. So after purchasing some leather myself, I got started.

First I made a template, printed it and taped it to the leather (I made the template after an example I saw on the internet somewhere). Then I cut the leather and made sure the edges were nice and clean. After folding the leather, I taped the two sides to the lower middle part. Waited for a few minutes and then continued by making holes in the lower middle part and upper middle part. I used the kit that came with the press studs (Prym 8mm press studs). Make sure the press studs are secured safely by hammering multiple times. The press studs are not really meant for thicker fabric, so you have to work to get the studs through the leather. Especially the upper studs need some help: I used a pencil to push the fabric in place. Once you secured the studs, you’re done! It took me about 30 minutes to make one.