I love raw materials and easy DIY’s, so making my own paperweight was a perfect new project. I made two: one with concrete mortar (with a rough finish as result) and one with fine concrete (for the Dutchies: Gamma egaliseercement verpakt in een kartonnen doos).

The first step is making your own template. The pyramid I made in the instruction pictures has four sides and I just began by drawing some lines on paper. That’s the beauty of it: you can make whatever you want! After cutting the paper, I folded it to check if the pyramid was the shape I wanted. I drew the template on the cardboard, cut the cardboard, used a stanley knife for the fold lines and taped it together. I also taped the inside of the cardboard were the outsides touch each other to prevent leaking and rough edges (make sure the tape is really smooth by using a pencil). I mixed the concrete according to instructions, waited for two days and eventually sanded the pyramid (the bottom with a higher grit sandpaper and the exterior with extra fine sandpaper). And that’s it!