Another porcelain paint project. After using porcelain paint + a stippling brush on my mug, I tried something different with some of my plates. I even made one for my boyfriend with his first letter. His response? He just looked at it for a while with a big frown between his brows and finally said: “o yeah, cute”. Yup…. I felt like a nine year old who draws like hell and shows her mommy the best drawing ever ;)

Still want to know the steps? It’s very easy actually:
1. I used a tiny ruler and drew the shapes with a porcelain pen.
2. I could not use the ruler for the tiny triangles in the bowl, so I did that without the ruler.
3. If you smudge, you can easily wipe it away.
4. Don’t like the result? Wash your dish and start over. Fool proof :)
5. Follow the instructions on the porcelain pen/pot for oven instructions